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Illinois Troops To Teachers Participant, Aaron Rucker
Aaron Rucker, a life-long learner, dedicated Chicago Police Officer and Special Forces Officer in the U.S. Army, is an Illinois Troops To Teachers Participant currently certified in Elementary, Middle, High School and Special Education and teaching at the College level. Mr. Rucker is also an educational administrator holding a Type 75 license, three Masters Degrees from Depaul, UIC, and Concordia University and Richmond University in London, England.
Teaching in some of the most challenging environments, a City of Chicago School for Juvenile Offenders and Turnaround School, respectively, Mr. Rucker leads by example as living blueprint for success for men and women entrusted to his care.
Aaron is the recipient of the Heroes in the Hood Award, for his work as one of the best Service Learning Coaches by the State of Illinois, and CPS Public Schools Basketball Coach of the year. Major Rucker has received numerous Army, Special Forces and Police Academy medals and awards.
Initially employed as a Special Educator by Las Casas Occupational High School for Cognitively Delayed, Autistic and the Behavioral Disordered, Mr. Rucker worked tirelessly with colleagues to meet the school’s mission, which was to provide an individual education appropriate to each student’s unique needs. Las Casas focuses on therapy, group counseling and academic and occupational experience to foster student self-confidence, internal controls and pro-social behaviors that strengthen their emotional framework.
Mr. Rucker consistently received the “Teacher of the Month” award while at Las Casas. Las Casas School was shut down early in 2010 due to high building costs and chronic truancy, an unfortunate fact facing many schools on Chicago’s South and West neighborhoods.
Aaron Rucker will be teaching in the 2010/2011 academic year at John Marshall Metropolitan High School, a new CPS Turnaround where he will also serve as Department Chair.
Mr. Rucker stands by, ready to assist anyone with questions concerning teaching youth in an urban envirnonment. If you would like to have Mr. Rucker as a Mentor, please leave your Name, Email/phone number and any other information you wish to share ATTN: TTT MENTORS with This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .
Illinois Troops To Teachers Participant, Renette Jackson-Hansen
Renette Jackson-Hansen, a Retired Master Seargent in the Air Force, is an Illinois Troops To Teachers Participant currently certified as a General Educator k-9 with Middle School Endorsements in Social Studies, Language Arts and Special Education. Her Masters in Teaching is from Greenville College, with help from Troops To Teachers funding.
Ms. Jackson-Hansen does what she loves and loves what she does. Currently teaching near Scott Air Force Base at William Holliday Elementary School in Fairview Heights, Illinois, she has been a participant in Project Read, CASA, and is an Alum of AmeriCorps(and LeaderCorps) and Troops To Teachers.
Ms. Jackson-Hansen is an advocate for Teacher involvement in communities. All of her actions are motivated by love, knowing that it is not enough to pursue personal success, rather, to measure success by the achievements of others entrusted to your care.
Renette takes great pride in the level of trust granted to her by Colleagues, Parents and Communities on behalf of their children. Academically, she encourages inquiry, exposing students to a world beyond their backyard, state lines and ocean boundaries, peppering her lesson plans with first hand accounts of places far and near.
Allan Fluharty is an Illinois Troops To Teachers Participant currently teaching Chemistry at Charles Allen Prosser Career Academy in Chicago, Illinois.
Mr. Fluharty’s educational pedigree is of the highest quality, his life story and career, diverse. An initial Education Major in the late 70’s at Washington State University, Mr. Fluharty would eventually double major in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. He would continue with his Masters in Chemical Engineering at UCLA in the early eighties. At that same time, Mr. Fluharty enrolled in the U.S. Navy, becoming an Engineering Duty officer. He would travel the world eventually returning to the U.S. and enlisting in the Naval Reserves.
Captain Fluharty retired from the Navy Reserves after 26 years, but not before serving one year in Iraq as a Civil Affairs specialist with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).
In the late nineties, Mr. Fluharty enrolled in Northwestern’s MBA program. He worked in the corporate world for some time but always reflected back to his love of education. In 2003/4 Allan was accepted to Northwestern’s prestigious MSED program. Groomed with some of the best local high schools with the best resources, Mr. Fluharty seemed on the fast track to teach at the very best schools in the state, Student Teaching at Whitney Young, New Trier, and Glenbrook South.
Ultimately, provisions with receipt of Pell Grants and TTT money required that Mr. Fluharty teach at underperforming schools. His first assignment was Proviso East High School in Maywood and the next year at Prosser Career Academy High School.
The level of student success at the schools he was exposed to during student teaching far exceeded that of the schools he now teaches at. For example, at Young, New Trier, and Glenbrook South, the percentage of students that make or exceed state learning standards is 90%, 85%, and 70%, respectively. At Prosser and Proviso East, the numbers are 36% and 20%.
Alan has taught at Prosser for several years and has fulfilled his TTT Obligations to teach at that school, still he perseveres at this location out of a deep love for science and respect for education equality. Mr. Fluharty is a Research Fellow at the University of Illinois at Chicago.